Editorial Roles

Guest editorial work for journals

  • Editor of the International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems on ‘Cooperative Information Systems in the Digital Age’ (with Georg Weichhart). December 2016.
  • Editor of the MIS Quarterly Executive on ‘Enterprise Architecture with Business Transformation’ (with Sia Siew Kien and Philip Yetton). December 2015.
  • Editor of the Business and Information Systems Engineering (BISE) Special Issue on ‘Business Process Management’ (with J. vom Brocke and L. Mathiassen). (6) 4, 2014.
  • Editor of the Journal of Business Economics Special Issue on ‘Crowdsourcing and Cloudsourcing’ 84 (3), April 2014 (with M. Schader, A. Heinzl, M. Indulska and A. Korthaus).
  • Editor of the BISE/Wirtschaftsinformatik Special Issue on ‘Business Process Management’ (with J. Becker, M. zur Muehlen and M. Roehlinger). November 2012.
  • Editor of the IEEE Transaction on Automation Science and Engineering Journal Special Issue on Scientific Workflow Management and Applications (with J. Chen, W. van der Aalst, R. Buyya and B. Ludaescher). March 2009.
  • Editor of the Enterprise Modelling and Information Systems Architectures Journal Special Issue on Process Modelling. Vol. 3, No. 2, December 2008 (with Michael zur Muehlen).
  • Editor of the Information Systems and e-Business Management Special Issue on Business Process Management  (with Michael zur Muehlen and Marta Indulska). 2009.
  • Editor of the Information Systems Management Special Issue on Business Process Design (with Hajo Reijers, Tom Davenport and Selma Limam Mansar). 2008.
  • Editor of the Business Process Management Journal Special Issue on e-Business Process Management (with Fiona Nah and Ed Watson). April 2004.
  • Editor of the Journal of Database Management Special Issue on Ontologies (with Peter Green). June 2004.
  • Editor of the Enterprise Information Management Special Issue on Enterprise Resource Planning and Enterprise Application Integration (with Marinos Themistocleous and Peter Loos) Vol. 18, No. 4, 2005.

Editorial work for book series, journals and conferences

Series Editor

Associate Editor

Member of the Editorial Board


  • Applied Artificial Intelligence
  • Benchmarking International Journal
  • Business Services
  • Communications of the ACM (CACM)
  • Data and Knowledge Engineering
  • Electronic Markets
  • ETRI Journal
  • European Journal on Information Systems
  • IBM Journal of Research and Development
  • IEEE Software
  • IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management
  • IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics
  • IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
  • IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering
  • Information Sciences
  • Information Systems
  • International Journal of Computer Systems Science and Engineering
  • International Journal of Electronic Business
  • International Journal of Project Management
  • International Journal of Simulation and Process Modelling
  • Journal of the AIS (JAIS)
  • Journal of Human Computer Interaction
  • Journal of Information Technology
  • Journal of Information and Knowledge Management
  • Journal of Strategic Information Systems (JSIS)
  • MIS Quarterly
  • Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems
  • Software and Systems Modelling
  • Wirtschaftsinformatik

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