Supervision and External Examination

The three ACPHIS PhD Award winners, Jan Recker (2008), Tonia de Bruin (2010), Wasana Bandara (2007)

Supervision of higher degrees

Principal Supervisor Ph. D.

  • Roy Chan, Knowledge Management for Enterprise Systems (completed)
  • Wasana Bandara, Success Factors and Measures of Process Modelling (completed, winner of the Australian Information Systems (ACPHIS) PhD award 2007)
  • Jan Recker, Understanding Process Modelling Grammar Continuance
    (ARC Discovery) (completed, winner of the Australian Information Systems (ACPHIS) PhD award 2008)
  • Tonia de Bruin, Business Process Management: Progression and Maturity (completed, winner of the Australian Information Systems (ACPHIS) PhD award 2010)
  • Mitra Heravizadeh, Quality-aware Workflow Management (completed)
  • Karsten Ploesser, Context-based Business Process Adoption Management (completed)
  • Thomas Kohlborn, Service Bundling (CRC Smart Services Scholarship) (completed)
  • Ayed Alwadain, A Model of Enterprise Architecture Evolution (completed)
  • Samia Mazhar, Airportpedia – A Configurable Reference Model for Airports (completed: Doctor of Information Technology)
  • Lani Guy, An Engaged Scholarship Approach Towards Positive Deviants: Toward Purposeful Management of Endogenous innovation (under examination)

Associate Supervisor Ph. D.

  • Karen Nelson, A Model for the Information Management Implementation (completed)
  • Darshana Sedera, Enterprise Systems Benefits Realisation (completed)
  • Alex Kokkonen, Business Process Expertise (completed)
  • Stefan Seidel, Managing Creativity-intensive Business Processes (based at University Muenster, Germany) (completed)
  • Sebastian Reiter, The Impact of Culture on Business Process Management (completed)
  • Norizan (Niz) Safrudin, Business Transformation Management (completed)
  • Ugen Naiker, Waiting Times: The Outpatient Referral Process, Variation, Performance and Structural Influences (completed)
  • Venkat Venkatachalam, SMEs Sourcing and Leveraging of Software as a Service – A Dynamic Perspective on IS Capabilities (completed)
  • Karla Straker, Business Innovation through Emotion (completed)

Principal Supervisor Masters by Research

  • Chris Taylor, Reference Process Model for Enterprise Systems Administration (completed, ARC Linkage)

Associate Supervisor Masters by Research

  • Craig Huxley, Designing a Balanced Scorecard for Application Service Providers (completed, ARC Linkage)

Principal Supervisor Honours

  • Adam Hearne, Extending a reference model for the coffee industry with context awareness (completed).
  • Peter Ansell, Context-aware Process Modelling (completed)
  • Jennifer Guandi, A Cascading Business Process Performance Framework (completed, Ergon Scholarship)
  • Karrin Lim, Quality of the ITIL Reference Model (completed)
  • Hui Min Tan, The Actual Practice of Modelling in SAP Projects (completed, SAP Scholarship)
  • Sana Khan, Configurable Reference Models (SAP Scholarship) (completed, SAP Scholarship)
  • Mervin Chang, Integration of SAP Solutions into the University Curriculum (completed, SAP Scholarship)

External examination

  • PhD, Edith Cowan University, May 2017
  • PhD, The University of Muenster, May 2014
  • PhD, The University of Utrecht, May 2014
  • PhD, The University of Melbourne, August 2012
  • PhD, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, March 2012
  • PhD, University of Tasmania, March 2012
  • PhD, University of Pretoria, South Africa, February 2011
  • PhD, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur, January 2009
  • PhD, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, January 2009.
  • PhD, University of Pretoria, South Africa, July 2008.
  • PhD, UNITEC, Auckland, New Zealand, January 2007.
  • PhD, The University of Melbourne, April  2006.
  • PhD, The University of Auckland, November 2005
    (incl. oral examination March 2006).
  • PhD, Swinburne University, November 2005.
  • PhD, Monash University, June 2005.
  • PhD, Australian National University, June 2005.
  • PhD, Swinburne University, February 2005.
  • PhD, University of British Columbia, Canada, October 2003.
  • PhD, Edith Cowan University, September 2003.
  • Masters, Monash University. December 2002.
  • PhD, Nanyang Technological University Singapore. November 2002.
  • PhD, Central Queensland University: October 2002.
  • PhD, UTS Sydney. September 2002.

Supervision of more than 35 Masters theses in Germany
(University of Münster)

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