Current grants

  • ARC Discovery project “Risk-aware Business Process Management” (450,000 AUD) (Chief Investigator with Arthur ter Hofstede, Colin Fidge, Moe Wynn, Marcello La Rosa, Michael Adams, Chun Ouyang, Wil M van der Aalst (PI)
  • ARC Discovery project “Cost-aware Business Process Management” (320,000 AUD) (Chief Investigator with Arthur ter Hofstede, Moe Wynn, Michael Adams, Chun Ouyang, Dr Chun; Zahirul Hoque; Wil van der Aalst (PI), Hajo Reijers (PI) (2012-2014)
  • ARC Linkage project “Facilitating Business Process Standardisation and Reuse” (210,000 AUD) (Chief Investigator with Marcello La Rosa, Jan Recker and Arthur ter Hofstede), industry partner: Suncorp (2011-2013)
  • CRC Smart Services: Responsible for the Project “Business Service Management”, 2007-2012.
  • ARC Linkage “Airports of the Future”, ($2.4 mio from the ARC and $1.9 mio from industry partners) (2009-2013).

Grants in the past

  • Statewide Trauma Clinical Network Grant “A Reference Process Model for Multi-Trauma Patients” ($ 80,000), 2008-2010.
  • ARC Centre of Excellence in Cultural and Media Industries. Director: Stuart Cunningham, Queensland University of Technology (7,000,000 AUD) (2005-2010).
  • ARC Linkage “Service Ecosystems for Collaborative Business Process Improvement: (258,920 AUD from ARC and 120,000 AUD each from SAP and from Qld Government (2006-2009).
  • ARC Discovery project “Next-Generation Reference Process Models” (282,000 AUD) (Chief Investigator with Arthur ter Hofstede, Marlon Dumas, Wil van der Aalst, Michael zur Muehlen) (2006-2008).
  • ARC Discovery project “Ontologically-based Evaluation, Comparison and Engineering of Integrated Process Modelling Techniques” (205,000 AUD) (Chief Investigator with Peter Green) (2002-2005).
  • Guidelines of Modelling (GoM). Funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research (2/96 – 1/99) (883,530 DM) (co-investigator with Jörg Becker).
  • Controlling and Monitoring of Distributed Workflows for Continuous Process Optimisation. Funded by the German Research Community (10/97 – 9/99) (200,000 DM) (principal).
  • Development of the new major “Information Systems” at the University of Tartu, Estonia. Funded by the Volkswagen Foundation (8/97) (76,000 DM) (principal).
  • QUT Early Career Researcher Grant: Ontological Analysis of the Architecture of Integrated Information Systems – Improving the Quality of Integrated Process Modelling Techniques (1-12/2000) (10,000 AUD) (principal).
  • QUT Support for Work on the 5th European Framework Application SCOTS: System Change with Off-the Shelf Systems (11/1999) (10,000 AUD) (principal).
  • Student Marketplace for the Advancement of Research and Teaching (SMART) (2002). Funded by SAP America. (56,000 AUD) (Chief Investigator with G. Stewart).
  • Collaborative Design of an ERP-based Business Process Models. Funded as a Central Initiative by the Queensland University of Technology (start 3/2000, two years) (150,000 AUD) (co-investigator with Glenn Stewart).
  • ARC SPIRT project “Process-oriented Administration of Enterprise Systems”. Chief Investigator. Industry Partner: realTech Australasia, Sydney (89,168 AUD from ARC and 20,000 AUD from Realtech Australasia) (Chief Investigator) (2002-2003).
  • ARC Linkage ‘A Reference Model for the Design of Extended Enterprise Architectures’. Industry Partner: Water Corporation, Perth (71,300 AUD from ARC and 25,000 AUD from Water Corporation) (Chief Investigator) (2003-2005).
  • ARC Linkage ‘Using Measures of Ontological Distance to Evaluate the Alignment between Organizational Needs and Enterprise Systems Capabilities’. Industry Partner: SAP Corporate Research, Brisbane (188,474 AUD from ARC and 75,000 from SAP) (Chief Investigator with Ron Weber and Iris Vessey) (2004-2007).
  • ARC Linkage ‘Modelling in the Large’. Industry Partner: SAP Corporate Research, Brisbane (230,000 AUD from ARC and 90,000 from SAP) (Chief Investigator with Peter Green, Graeme Shanks, Wasim Sadiq, Wasana Sedera and Michael zur Muehlen) (2005-2007).
  • Case Studies in Business Process Management. Funded by QUT (25,000 AUD) (2005).
  • Enterprise Information Infrastructure. Member of the ARC Research Network. Network convenor: Maria Orlowska, University of Queensland (1,600,000 AUD) (2004-2009).
  • Member of the Core Team of the EII Taskforce on Service Computing and Business Process Management (25,000 AUD).
  • Ontological Evaluation of Enterprise Systems Interoperability Standards (OESIS) (39,000 AUD) (since 10/2002). QUT Strategic Link with Industry. Industry partner: SAP Research, Brisbane (26,000 AUD / 13,000 AUD from QUT) (2002-2003).
  • Modelling Configurable Reference Models. Industry-funded project. Industry partner: SAP Research, Brisbane (69,000 AUD) (2003-2005).

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